Ok as you can see I Love Jennifer Lawrence, But not just cause she’s funny or pretty or the queen of derp. She is my role model she had the courage to be in a movie naked just covered in paint. She showed the whole world her body which isn’t skinny, She looked like a normal Women and Beautiful women with a butt, boobs, hips and thighs everything a women should have. I Love Jennifer because she always acts like her self and never fakes anything or act like an air head. Plus she always speaks her mind. Jennifer is perfection. She’s an amazing actress i’ve watched a lot of movies she’s been in and i fall in love with them. Jen makes me Laugh and Cry. She makes me feel more confident in my body and even my face. Just wanted to put this out there maybe i am the only one who feels this way but i don’t care. I LOVE JLAW.

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